The Casemates

Under the statue of Michiel de Ruyter at the boulevard of Vlissingen, close to the muZEEum, you'll find De Kazematten (The Casemates). 

Unfortunately, the casemates are closed as a precaution. During an inspection it was found that the walls are in a worse condition than before. The safety of museum visitors and employees is paramount.

Kazematten - foto Sam Stegers

The casemates from 1811 lie on the border between land and water. This structure is really a monument within a monument, because these casemates are situated in the heart of Keizersbolwerk, a part of the Vlissingen fortifications from 1548. It is no wonder famous historical figures like Charles V, Michiel de Ruyter and Napoleon invariably chose this spot. The strategic position with regard to Antwerp and the deep fairway make this a special location. It has been a bustling spot for centuries.

A casemate is a military structure used for defence purposes against enemy fire. Very often supplies like ammunition were kept there and in war time they were used as barracks for the soldiers. The casemates in Vlissingen consist of various rooms and have had several functions. What is striking is that the garrison bakery has remained intact for all those years. Once upon a time every twenty-four hours 4500 loaves were baked here.

De Kazematten

Fun for children too

Once upon a time in the casemate there lived… the Caserat! The Caserat has been playfully integrated in the exhibition that is to be seen in the casemates and this makes it exciting and fun for children too. There is also a special children’s casemate where they can play to their hearts’ content.

De Kazematten

In de spannende ruimtes van De Kazematten kun je de Kazerat helpen de sleutel op het slot te vinden. Zoek in de vijf gewelven naar aanwijzingen. Speel ondertussen nog even boter-kaas-eieren en sjoel met broden in de voormalige garnizoensbakkerij. Of probeer of jij net zulke goede zandtekeningen kunt maken als de verteller in de filmpjes.