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The muZEEum is the custodian of a vast collection by Zeeland’s standards; some 20,000 artefacts, mainly of historical or maritime origin,  from various owners. The maritime archaeological collection is one of the most significant in the Netherlands  given its size and variety. 

Michiel de Ruyter plays an important role in the muZEEum. This famous Dutch sea hero was born in Vlissingen. The museum also boasts one of the largest collections of items from a VOC ship in the Netherlands.

De Zeven Provinciën muZEEum
Gregory Green - Work Table IV
Gezin in het torentje muZEEum
De rede van Vlissingen
atrium muZEEum zonder bezoekers
D'Elisabet Galy - slavenschip muZEEum
mosterdpotje uit Rooswijk VOC muZEEum
opbouw Bommen en Granaten
Wiel van Michiel (foto Ruben Oreel)
Jong stel bij Anna en Michiel