The muZEEum

The muZEEum is the custodian of a vast collection by Zeeland’s standards; some 20,000 artefacts, mainly of historical or maritime origin,  from various owners. The maritime archaeological collection is one of the most significant in the Netherlands given its size and variety.  


Zeeuws maritiem muZEEum - missie


Every day we enthusiastically tell the captivating story of the maritime past and present  of Zeeland. The adventures of major and minor heroes play the leading part.


The muZEEum shows that the strategic position at sea determined the renowned history of Vlissingen and Zeeland. We see it as our social mission to inspire and bond different generations with the maritime present, past and future of Vlissingen and Zeeland. We do this by showing our presentations in a prominent building at a unique location. Zeeland´s maritime present and past can be found everywhere here. Our ambition is to tell our story even better to even more people.