Entertaining quests

In Zeeland’s maritime muZEEum and the Casemates you can do entertaining quests for free.

Kazerat heet je welkom

Help The Casemate rat

In the exciting spaces of The Casemates you can help the rat find a key to the lock. Search the five vaults for clues. Alternatively there are all kinds of other fun games to play. How about Napoleon’s favourite game? Come and have a look.

speurtocht Michiel de Ruyter muZEEum

Michiel de Ruyter quests

Are you a pro at finding hidden clues? Then the Michiel de Ruyter quest is made for you.

We also have a special quest for kids who cannot read yet.

Cees van der Burght

The Second World War through the eyes of a boy

Cees van der Burght was only eight when the Second World War started. It would fascinate him the rest of his life. He drew and painted, reconstructed bunkers and carved wooden dolls. In the muZEEum you can visit the exhibition The occupation imagined. It includes a guide with questions. The answers are not meant to be right or wrong; the purpose is to get you thinking and talking. What would you yourself do?


Animal Bingo

You wouldn’t expect this in a maritime museum, but animals are hidden throughout the muZEEum. Can you find them? There are three different bingo sheets allowing you to make it into a contest: who is the first to shout bingo?